“Once I started doing shows my sophomore year at Franklin Pierce High School I knew I wanted to pursue a career in theatre.  I applied for college at two PNW schools, one of which was Pacific Lutheran University. In my first few years at PLU I occupied many roles on various productions; scenic designer, stage crew, props master, scenic carpenter, assistant deck hand. Despite this I could never nail down exactly what I wanted to specialize in. I knew I wanted to aid productions in a meaningful way, as well as follow the same show from pre-production to strike.

My Sophomore year I took a chance and applied to stage manage a faculty production by a guest director. I soon realized that good stage managers posses the ability to create order out of chaos, the ability to be calm under incredibly stressful circumstances, and to connect with each and every member of a production. With a little practice I knew I could bring out those qualities in me. 

Since then I have stage managed full length musicals, straight plays, and children's Summer camp; and I have been grateful for every minute of it. Not only am I lucky to live in an incredibly rich theatre community here in the Pacific Northwest, but I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing artists. I hope that I can soon expand my experience to include regional theatre's like the Village Theatre, and the Seattle Repertory Theatre. 

Wherever stage managing takes me, I am incredibly thankful and excited for the ride to come."

- Madisen Crowley